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Chocolat—A Chocolate Shop Is Enough to Offend the Rigid

In the spirit of Book Lover's day today, I'm going to share a brief review of one of my current reads—Chocolat by Joanne Harris.

Vianne, a charming, husbandless, gypsy mother, moves to a conservative town along with her young daughter and opens a chocolate bar amidst lent. Her act of opening an eatery during a holy festival is frowned upon by townsfolk and becomes a hot topic among priests and the so-called virtuous dwellers of the town. 

Chocolat—Vianne's new venture—boasts a display of delicacies that suit different situations, people, and even animals while bringing hope to their lives. Whether you are melancholic and hopeless, dealing with an abusive man, in a bizarre romance, or just want to hang out with your grandchildren—Viane's chocolate parlor is here to light passion, comfort you, and keep you warm.

More than the storyline, the character formation of Vianne—the resilient owner of the chocolate shop in a small village, fascinates me. We, the struggling women of this society, can relate so much to her because we always invest our time to prove something to the thick-headed men of our societies. Yet, somehow, we're being underestimated, misunderstood, and disregarded for our life choices. 

Despite all that, she continues with her life and persists in being the 'sinful' woman who defies all the norms. The chocolate shop owner and the maker of the finest confectionery helped people escape their miseries in different situations and ways, which inspired me a lot.

I'm listing down the top three reasons why you should read this:

  1. Vianne. That's it. She's the biggest reason why you should consider reading this. Her empathy, resilience, and knack are the kind of inspiration we all need.
  2. The rise of secularism in an orthodox society.
  3. The beautiful little story of a grandmother and her grandson. 

There's an adaptation of this book on Netflix too, so if you're not a fan of reading—you can get the gist from there. Now, please also send the name of your favorite book to me!


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