Why Her?

Khadija Fatima writes SEO-friendly blogs for different industries that want to see their Google search rankings surge. Her blogs have appeared in some of Pakistan’s best property portals, including Zameen Blogs and JagahOnline Blogs

Besides blogging, her recent experience with Innovative Solutions has prepared her for creative writing. Although her main responsibility is abstracting/summarizing books from political, historical, finance, self-help, and many other genres, she is often a part of other short-term projects. 

She likes contributing to SEO communities and helping newbie writers, established companies, and startups to comprehend the art of writing. 

She creates content that evokes emotions and passion in others. While most people write for clients, she writes for herself – something she would love revisiting and reading again, something she can ask people to look up to. Naturally, she leaves no stone unturned when working for a client.

In other words, if writing is about exploring, she can be deemed the ‘Marco Palo’ of content marketing. 

Her articles are optimized, researched, grammatically correct, and unique. Learn more about how Khadija’s SEO-friendly and creative content can grow your business by visiting her blog.

She’s undertaken several online courses for digital marketing and SEO from the University of Davis – which can prove to be beneficial for your business. Hiring her opens several prospects: you will have an SEO expert, digital marketer, artist, writer, researcher, internet geek, and writer in one.